The Lundy Funeral Home in Carthage is the only one in the area to offer a chapel on the premises for services, as well as two large viewing rooms for visitations. The preparation area has been redesigned, incorporating the latest in mortuary and safety equipment and we offer the most modern fleet of funeral vehicles.

We have constantly update our arrangements office with the latest technology available. These not only assist the Directors, but they also act as a tool that helps families make educated decisions.

Both facilities are modern and offer excellent service! We take pride that we are FAMILY owned.

Carthage Location

500 State Street
Carthage, NY 13619

The Chapel at the Lundy Funeral Home in Carthage

Our on site chapel can comfortably hold 150 people.  There is approximately enough seating for 300 people total in the Funeral Home.  A very convenient option for families without a strong church connection or that want to avoid inclement North Country weather.

Northridge Cremation Chapel

Northridge is a smaller facility that can hold up to 50 people. It's more laid back-casual and friendly environment for families who don't want the big huge facility or funeral.